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The leading Cinema chain in the Middle East, VOX Cinemas, wanted to re-invigorate their digital service design offering to be more customer-centric prior to, during and post visit.

The challenge was to simplify the booking process but also to provide a consistent experience across all devices and touchpoints. Our brief was to overhaul their end-to-end ECRM programme, the ticket booking flow online, and the native iOS app - in-order to make researching & buying cinema tickets more joyful, friction free, and rewarding - and elevate the overall cinema experience.

  • RWD
  • eCRM
  • Native App
  • UX
  • UI
  • Global
  • Service Design
  • User-centric
  • Ticketing



User Testing



We immersed, reviewed, iterated and enhanced the UI and UX across key user journeys involving eCRM, responsive web design & native application. The key to our success was to work seamlessly with the VOX cinema team in an agile iterative manner with an integrated work flow.

Our mobile-first knowledge was also invaluable in providing best-in-class experiences across all devices. We developed a multi-faceted seamless booking flow, eCRM strategy, and native App, that ultimately enhances the customer experience and increases conversion.


The work launched to critical acclaim, and a very warm reception from VOX Cinema's customers. The service design solutions across RWD, eCRM and Native Application provides VOX with the opportunity to have a true relationship with their customers.

Emma Prizeman

E-Commerce Manager - VOX Cinemas

Nimbletank understand our creative vision and deliver quality results that impress us each time. They are leaders in mobile design and their passion shines through in their work. Based in Dubai we work remotely with Nimbletank which has not been a challenge, but a success.

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