Building an in-venue future-facing music ecosystem


Soundnet wanted to create and develop a brand new mobile-first business proposition and mobile product: a digital jukebox for venues and their customers. Nimbletank were asked to dramatise this simple idea, building the brand, crafting the app and fully realising the business opportunity.

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soundjack is a mobile app on iOS and Android, allowing venue owners to manage music and their customers to choose it. Venues pay a subscription to the service and can create playlists and filter the music to suit their clientele. There’s also a data dashboard with analytics on the music for high value business customers, plus a host app so they can choose to control the music themselves. The venue’s customers buy credits to play music and can even bump themselves to the front of the queue, as well as creating and sharing their own playlists to remember the evening by.


After innovative user testing in a number of venues the app was successfully launched in 2014 and is currently used in thousands of UK venues. The business was acquired by their largest US competitor ahead of plan, thanks to the mobile products and services developed by Nimbletank. The App has won numerous creative awards including Best User Experience / Usability at The Drum’s MOMA Awards 2015.

Best User Experience/Usability, 2015
The Most Effective B2B App, 2015

Simon Davis

Managing Director, Soundnet

From the very beginning Nimbletank understood our vision for soundjack. The mobile-first product they developed and crafted is beautifully designed and helped us to reach the next level in our business. We’re delighted to be continuing to work with them as we enhance and refine our product ecosystem going forward.

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