P2P Leadership for The Drum

By Nimbletank - 29 March, 2016

Tech in banking: NT provides insight for The Drum Magazine
Nimbletank has worked in collaboration with banks in the past, devising methods to facilitate easier handling and transferring of money through technology. David Skerrett, NT Managing Partner, provided input into the role technology will have in the banking industry in the future for The Drum Magazine. Below is an excerpt from the The Drum’s article, and further below is a link to the full piece.
“The busiest UK bank branch is now an app. It is secure, has less queueing and is with you wherever you are. I can see that the open banking API initiative, voice authentication and blockchain will change the UK banking landscape in terms of data flow, biometric log-in and currency respectively. Yet, the biggest shake-up is going to be in peer-to-peer payments via messaging apps. At the moment, a user generally has to go through nine steps to send money electronically to a friend. Open up their banking app, login, wait for authentication, navigate to send money, enter payee information, my account, amount, submit, confirm. Each step has a one or more second wait, whereas using a messaging app such Facebook Messenger you can just type ‘Send David Skerrett £100’ and it will look up the person, help make you sure you are sure, securely authenticate and process. With the winning brands in banking now predicated on utility and saving you time, this evolution in behaviour is sure to transform how we bank, so long as it is secure and easy to use.”