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OneFairway had an idea to help golfers perfect their game by bringing the ProTracer experience, whereby the shot is tracked on TV via a Doppler radar gun and HD Video Cameras, to our most personal device, the all-powerful mobile phone.

The challenge was to create something that solved a genuine problem on the golf course in a way that harnessed technology but didn’t make technology the focus, rather letting it move to the background to offer an enhanced experience powered by mobile.

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Built in London, refined on the course


To perfect the experience, we used innovative new technology previously used to detect objects in everyday and future-facing scenarios. From robot navigation to detecting un-exploded landmines via UAV, we reapplied ground breaking technology to a much humbler cause: to trace a golf ball.

The results were more than we could have hoped for: you can now use the processing power of a mobile phone to do what would previously would have needed a specialized HD video camera and Doppler Radar technology rig. Whether you want to perfect your swing, create fun social media content, or track your progress by comparing different shots - OneTrace will do just that. It will trace your ball, add different colours and shadow or stitch 5 images together side by side to see how you transition through your swing in different areas.


With a very limited advertising spend during the BETA phase, the App shot up into the top 20 Apps in the Sport category for the UK. The cost per download was significantly under the revenue generated from the app meaning that returns are already being generated. Downloads have already come from 44 countries, and the app has a very high retention and usage rate. Perhaps more importantly golfing amateurs and professionals have been universal in their praise of the usability of the app coupled with the innovative use of technology to produce a new kind of golf experience. The product was awarded with a win in Best Use of Technology at the Drum’s MOMA awards, celebrating the best in mobile around the world.

David Dean

CEO of OneFairway

Professionals are already enjoying the way they can use it to keep in touch with their pupils and use the images and feedback to improve enjoyment and interaction in golf. Golf has been void of an app that produces great tracking videos and sequence images either for fun or to learn and we hope we've now created that tool.

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