NT in Lovely Mobile Report and Rankings

By Nimbletank - 18 April, 2016

NT highly recognised in Lovely Mobile Report and Rankings
Lovely Mobile News conducted a review and analysis of mobile brand’s performances globally throughout 2016, and Nimbletank’s achievements from the past year were highly recognised.
We were among their top 5 independent mobile advertising and technology companies in the world being acknowledged for notable work, with Nimbletank being the only company with primary operations within EMEA. Below is the excerpt taken from the Lovely Mobile Report and Rankings:
Our KiTTi app, created for Santander, was named one of their top 5 EMEA Projects, as shown in the excerpt below. KiTTi is an app that allows you to create bank accounts for groups, whether it’s getting your friends together for a trip or facilitating an easier weekly shop. As well as being the 5th most awarded EMEA project, KiTTi was the 10th most awarded global project.
It was also noted that our KiTTi app contributed to the UK being The Most Awarded Country of 2016.
The full Lovely Mobile Report and Rankings can be downloaded from here: Click here