Nimbletank Talks Mobile Retail @ The Drum

We are good friends with the lovely folk at the Drum. We have been awarded every year for the last three at their mobile awards the MOMAs, with 2016 marking our best ever year, winning in 4 categories, more than any other creative agency.
However more recently we were asked to comment on the fact that IBM data now shows that 50% of retail value is coming from mobile devices.
Working with the likes of Asos and John Lewis, the fact mobile maturity in retail spend is now over 50 per cent, is excellent, it has been a long road to get here.
For so long it seems there was a myopic view from the industry that mobile was a passing fad and would never take off for e-commerce for older audiences or higher ticket items. The percentage is sure to increase further given our addiction to our devices and the present day power of messaging apps and social media players.
So I expect more buy buttons in mobile first/only social media, social/conversational commerce to be a big trend powered by cloud, APIs, AI, and an omni-channel understanding. Investment in the optimization of the customer experience will take this number into the +75 per cent region in three years.
By David Skerrett - August 2016