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NT weighs in for Mobile Marketing Mag
We are leaders in AI and Bots, and linked to this we were asked for our view on its future for Mobile Marketing Magazine. As part of the edition released for Mobile World Congress 2017, we weighed in on the dangers of Alexa voice assistance and the need to be cognisant of the dangers of children interacting with them. Below you can find an excerpt, and at the bottom of this article you can read the whole piece.
“The way that children will interact with AI devices is also a major concern. Another viral video starring Alexa, which did the rounds at the end of last year, showed a young boy asking Echo to play him a song, and being rewarded with a string of pornographic terms. That was followed by a news story in January about a six-year-old accidentally making a $200 order – which, when it appeared on a TV news show with the phrase “Alexa ordered me a dollhouse”, managed to trigger viewers’ own devices into making the same purchase.
“Brands will become more risk-averse to any AI that interacts with children”, says David Skerrett, managing partner at Nimbletank. “There are some obvious trip wires around children using AI via voice devices.”
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