The future of group money

What if...

Getting the holiday deposit
together was easier?

Paying at a restaurant
was simpler and faster?

You spent less time chasing
team mates up for money and
more time chasing the ball?

Clubbing together house
money was not painful
& time consuming?

Technology made asking
your friends for that tenner
back a little quicker?

You could get a mobile-first
service with a physical card
that everyone accepts?

In the fast moving world of FinTech, time waits for no-one. We partnered with Santander and global payment provider Kalixa to evolve and accelerate a mobile-first disruptive service to transform group money forever. Ultimately we're changing behaviour and changing cash as we know it. We're bringing back the traditional kitty.

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  • FinTech
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  • CVP
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  • Social-commerce


Meet the new, easy way to create a collective pot of money with your friends. It’s the new, good old-fashioned kitty. Invite. Chip in. Pay.

We took the client’s BETA MVP code and worked with customers to transform the product into a CVP, a Commercially Viable Product, that was beautiful to look at and wonderful to use, in harmony across Android and iOS. We accelerated the product development substantially to achieve velocity, and regular feature-packed releases. Ultimately this meant creating more mobile moments that matter to our audience, be it setting a saving target for your wedding, getting the boys together for a trip to Ibiza, making five-a-side fee gathering easier, or helping with the big shop at Tesco. Our solution was all about making life and group money easier.


We moved rapidly, iteratively and rigorously to enhance the app to be a 5-star high quality App. Together we tackled, retention, value and monetisation goals with user-centred commercially-considered features. The release cycle improved by 200% and the key metrics across install velocity, active users, customer life time value, pay in and pay out values all went through the roof.

313%rise in users over the
last 4 months

294%jump in monthly average
transaction value

1600%uplift in processed

Making group

payments simple

Download the app

Check it and change the way you pay, today!!!

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