iOS 11 - What are we excited about

By Nimbletank - 15 August, 2017

iOS 11 - What are we excited about:
iOS 11 is being released this September and we are excited, let’s talk about why! Speed enhancements, multitasking features and an all-round smooth cosmetic make over. iOS 11 is next generation, with the new operating system feeling like a new software platform, improving and enhancing on its past capabilities.
Two of our amazing IOS developers, Georgios Erakleous and Hayden Young, have used their expertise to highlight three of the many incredible features of IOS 11 to whet your appetite before September arrives!
3 Major Technologies/Features:

  • Drag and Drop (iPads only)
  • Machine Learning (Core ML)
  • ARKit (Augmented Reality)
Drag and Drop:
Going to be a huge part of multitasking on iPad.

  • You can move content between apps or inside apps (move text, images and files) by simply tap and hold to pick up the content and drag it to the other app (copy content to another app by dragging content over the app’s icon in the Dock or Home screen).
  • You can select multiple items easily using multi-touch.
Video demonstration
Core ML:
Make your apps more intelligent using machine learning and computer vision:

  • Easy to use, optimised for iOS to take advantage of the CPU and GPU for maximum efficiency.
  • The problem is that ML needs trained models to work with training an algorithm on a variety of data is hard and requires a certain amount of expertise to work with. Fortunately, Apple has provided a handful of models we can use to start working with CoreML.

  • face tracking, face detection, landmarks detection, barcode detection,
  • object tracking, image registration,
  • text detection, language identification, tokenization, part of speech, and named entity recognition.
DEMO: ML and vision object recognition
Easily create incredible augmented reality experiences in our apps - users can interact with the real world in entirely new ways
The framework is fast and offers stable motion tracking, can detect horizontal planes like tables and floors and can estimate lighting and offer a more realistic look on our apps.

  • measuring apps using camera.
  • ordering food, furniture, clothes - see how the item looks in the environment before buying.
  • gaming apps - blending digital objects with the world around us.
AR measurement app:
Ordering Food:
Inter-dimensional portal:
Placing objects and 3D Snake
More examples: click here.
Stay tuned for more exciting news on IOS 11