Innovating Golf

By Nimbletank - 19 January, 2016

Produced by Nimbletank in collaboration with OneFairway Ltd we are proud to announce the launch of OneTrace, a new highly innovative iOS App that helps golfers be better golfers.

The thought we’d write a blog article to detail more about:

  • What is OneTrace
  • How did we make it
Practice makes perfect, so that’s what we did, we help golfers practice and perfect their swing by using the slow motion features of the iPhone 6 and above to trace the ball and visualize shots. We also show head, body and club movement and create composite imagery that is completely unique to the market. We bring ProTracer graphics and feedback to golfers own shots – imagery that all golfers know from TV, to their mobiles.
Nimbletank in close partnership with OneFariway Ltd created an early proof of concept prototype. We then moved onto optimizing the UX and UI to be joyful, simple and contextual.
With various iterations of our app and our algorithm we tested the app in the field with amateur and professional golfers, at all times of the day, various weather scenarios, both genders, all types of club and across driving ranges and on golf courses.
Finally after many iterations we finalized the beta app and algorithm and launched the app to market at Christmas 2016.
To perfect the experience, interestingly, we used innovative new technology previously used to detect objects in every day and future facing scenarios. From robot navigation to detecting un-exploded landmines via UAV we re-applied ground breaking technology to a more humble cause: to trace a golf ball. The results were more than we could have hoped for: you can now use the processing power of a mobile phone to do what would previously would have needed a specialized HD video camera and Doppler Radar technology rig.
Whether you want to perfect your swing, create fun social media content, or track your progress by comparing different shots - OneTrace will do just that, trace your ball, add different colours and shadow or stitch 5 images together side by side to see how you transition through your swing in different areas.
We hope you enjoy the App. And we are just getting started. The App is available on the Apple App Store.