Taking on Tinder


crowdsurf’s CEO tasked Nimbletank with realising a global business opportunity: help new city dwelling 18-30 years old meet new friends at short notice parties, all via a newly created brand and product.

  • Branding
  • Responsive web design
  • Global
  • Commerce & Payments
  • Millennial
  • Native App
  • Service Design
  • User Testing



User Testing



We established the core brand values and created a fresh, cool brand which was used across the iOS app and responsive website. Extensive consideration was given to the UX and UI of the iOS app so that it was clean, minimalistic and simple to use. Whether people are at home, visiting or travelling between many cities they can use this app to meet and message like-minded people, get invites to local parties at short-notice and download their tickets all just in a few taps.

Visual language development

App Icon



The App launched in BETA in July 2015 and we are developing an exciting roadmap together as they expand globally.

Michael Gallacher

Co-founder, crowdsurf

Nimbletank’s approach and product quality has been outstanding; their team are amazing to work with. Our collaborations have resulted in a strong platform and brand. In terms of mobile: they live it, breathe it, love it.

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