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Kobalt and Nimbletank have followed up on the success of the Publishing App to create the AWAL App for Artists Without A Label. This means aspiring artists have access to the same extensive data about their audience without needing a record label.

  • Branding
  • Innovation
  • Native App
  • UX
  • UI
  • Global
  • Service Design
  • User-centric

Built in collaboration with our client and their artists


We collaborated to realise a new unique on-brand App for AWAL that allows independent artists to take control of their career and finances, powered by better decisions through better real-time data visualisation. We worked to transform music through a premium, innovative mobile B2B product. Artists are able to capture their financial data, with this game-changing solution enabling music creators and artists signed to AWAL to:

The native app features beautiful data visualisation and brings together multiple data sources such as Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc. – to help artists keep their finger on the pulse of where they are making money, in real time.

  • Easily access streaming and income data
  • Learn what’s important with AWAL insights
  • Find out more about who is listening.
  • See which playlists are driving their success.
  • Get notified when they’re added to a playlist.


AWAL launched with considerable positive press attention, with the likes of Billboard, Bloomberg, and Yahoo covering the app and commenting on the value and the potential of AWAL.

Troy Carter

Global Head of Creator Services for Spotify

AWAL helps independent artists make sense of the incredible amounts of streaming data around their music and fans. This is the type of innovative thinking that will shape the future of the music industry.

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