AWAL App Launch

By Nimbletank - 30 March, 2017

Kobalt & NT’s AWAL App Launched
Kobalt launched its new AWAL App on the 28th of March, which has since received significant favourable press coverage. Nimbletank and Kobalt teams worked in collaboration to provide music creators and publishing clients with a way to easily observe and capture on-demand financial data, broken down by factors such as geographical location, listening demographics, and streaming platforms. The surfacing of streaming has allowed artists to maintain control of their finances, and the AWAL App will make this notably simpler. Below is an excerpt from the Drum’s article with Chris Minas, NT CEO & Founder, commenting on what differentiates the AWAL App, and at the bottom of the article are multiple links to the highly positive media reports of the launch.
“The quality of the experience this new product offers Awal artists is unparalleled, and that is in part thanks to the quality of team on both sides. The data enrichment and visualisation is truly innovative and we are confident that the app will further differentiate Kobalt and Awal, and provide value to their creative user base. Kobalt and Nimbletank are partnering to transform not just app design, but also business models in the music industry.”
Below, Troy Carter, Global Head of Creator Services for Spotify, commented on AWAL’s potential influence on the music industry:
“AWAL helps independent artists make sense of the incredible amounts of streaming data around their music and fans. This is the type of innovative thinking that will shape the future of the music industry.”
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