9 thoughts about iOS 9

By Various Nimbletankers – 20 August, 2015

It had to be nine! The Nimbletank team are waiting with bated breath for the potential launch of both new hardware (a larger iPad and 6S range at the very least) and iOS 9 on the 9th September. We’ve been in the BETA code, on the blogs, keeping our ears to the ground, and generally snooping around to surface our insights, thoughts, implications and more on what iOS 9 means for businesses and brands.
1: Force Touch = new UX
First of all we will start with the biggest innovation. Founder & MD, Chris Minas, thinks the biggest game changer coming in September is the introduction of Force Touch to iPhone and iPad, from the Mac and Watch range. The implication from a UX POV is huge, letting you get to key actions in Apps quicker, therefore making it easier than ever to have snack-able experiences on mobile. Interfaces will never be the same again. Bring it on!
2: Multi-tasking Split-Screening driving App Cocktails
Secondly, Managing Partner David Skerrett, cannot wait for split screen functionality on newer iPad devices meaning you can have two apps open and active at the same time (Split View). This will open up a range of new productivity enhancing experiences. Like with cocktails mixing things together will make for new ways to get things done, and have implications on iPad apps. The options include: Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture, and will give you new ways to multitask.
3: Siri gets smarter, New News is coming
Karen, in client services, is excited about all new-Siri. The AI voice interface battle is hotting up, with the new and improved contextually-aware Siri. She powers more intelligent Search, and knows what you mean if you say “this”. More helpful. More like Google Now. Smart move.
Karen is looking forward to iOS 9 adding a new app to your Home screen: the News App pulls in all the stories you want to read, based on your favourite topics, all into one place, and it looks beautiful. If you are in the news business your content is going to travel and your metrics may change, now customers no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed.
4: Easier to upgrade, but still watch your App file size
Next up, Shelley, Account Manager, is super excited about a more pragmatic feature. And that is that she won’t have to delete most of her phone content to upgrade the OS, as this year you need just 1.3Gb free!
Shelley says that brands and businesses’ should be less worried this year about having their App deleted from their customer base’s phones. Although it still pays to make sure your files size is sub 20Mb for over 3G-App-installation and make sure caching doesn’t raise the file size beyond 200Mb.
5: Passbook becomes Wallet, Apple Pay bets bigger & better
Tom in Finance was keen to get in on this article and of course we had to give him Apple Pay to comment on! With iOS 9, Apple Pay is accessible via a double-click of the home button, and he’s excited to be able to add his store cards to get those discounts. Passbook is no more, long live the Wallet App – for a better more joined up mobile commerce experience.
6: Maps improvement means better journeys & coffee
Alex, Creative Partner, is looking forward to the enhanced Maps feature on iOS 9. ‘Transit’ brings up public transport information such as tube maps and helps plan journeys. And a feature called ‘Nearby’ lists categories of things to do near where you, so for example Coffee and Café’s are surfaced quickly and easily. So caffeine intake for Alex is likely to be increasing, who’d have thought that was even possible. Thanks Apple!
7: Details, details
Whilst, Jake, Designer has more modest needs, so yes being a visual kind of guy it’s in the details where he is most excited. So new wallpapers will be nice, as will the improved Notes app that let you draw sketches and (thanks to iCloud ) notes will sync across all your Apple devices. Finally older devices will run better, battery life is going to improve, and Apps are now able to be coded to be even quicker and smoother, so that’s a big win.
8: Porting from Android
Android super fan, and designer, Nabeel, is even tempted! And that is thanks to a new time saver from Apple. By downloading the Move to iOS App he’s looking forward to seamlessly and wirelessly switching contacts, message history, photos, calendars and more.
9: More technical reasons to love
Last but not least, Danil, one of our brightest iOS developers is really in love with the new developer APIS and SDKs that enable new features and opportunities. He says: “As David and Chris said earlier, multi-tasking and Force Touch are big new features, and we’ve also been experimenting with new capabilities across HomeKit, CarPlay and HealthKit.”
Swift 2 will save us time compiling and the overall animations will be faster and smoother. Finally Swift will be open source so the community will help create opportunities for developers and brands to create amazing new Apps! Whilst WatchOS2 will make Apps on the wrist much better and easier to create.
Closing words
If you’re curious to hear how the latest Apple announcements will effect your mobile roadmap then please get in touch via info@nimbletank.com